Pestalotiopsis Microspora – Fungus That Eats Bacteria

Mushrooms that eat plastic - illustrative image

We know that there are certain organisms that eat plastic. In 2012, the students of Yale University found a mushroom that can survive by just eating plastic. It can breakdown plastic at a much more faster and efficient rate than previously known fungi and bacteria that eats plastic. This helps convert the toxic polyurethane into … Read more

Why Do Starlings Murmurate?

Starling murmuration against blue sky

Throughout the winter, there are thousands and thousands of common starlings that come from north. They can be seen flying in groups, with an enormous synchronisation, from late autumn and throughout the winter Common Starlings (scientific name:Sturnus vulgaris) form showy large flocks mainly as a defence against attacks. For many years experts have wondered how … Read more

Eggplant, if eaten in large quantities, can cause hallucinations

does eggplant contain solanine

Eggplant is a “nightshade” food. Nightshade is a family of plants that contain a toxin called “solanine”. Solanine is a toxin released by this plant family into their fruits to make the fruit deadly to animals who try to eat them. However, in small quantities, as much as we have in our daily lives, is … Read more

Praire Dogs Have Their Own Language

prairie dog overlooking

Prairie dog language is complex. Their language contains words like “chee chee chee”, but there’s an underlying meaning behind it. Using this language, they can intimate their community of what specific danger is approaching them, for eg, they can make a different sound for an approaching human in a specific colored shirt, the height of … Read more

Color Blind People Can Spot and See Through Camouflage

colorblinds can see camouflage

Color Blind People Can Spot and See Through Camouflage much better than a person with a normal vision. Color blind people have to learn to understand texture on surfaces and different shapes so that they are better able to differentiate and recognize objects. Due to this learning, their vision allows them to spot camouflage that … Read more