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10 House Plants That Grow in Water


Oregano - grow plants in water

Oregano is a culinary herb, utilized for the kind of its leaves, which can be more delightful when dried than new. It has a fragrant, warm, and somewhat severe taste, which can differ in power. Great quality oregano might be sufficient nearly to numb the tongue

Jade Plant

Jade plant - grow in water

Jade is a succulent plant with little pink or white blossoms. It is found as a houseplant worldwide. It is so well-known and loved because of the low degrees of care it requires. 

The jade plant is known for its simplicity of cultivating, which you can easily do with clippings or even fallen leaves. 


Philodendron - grow in water

Philodendron are plants with large and imposing leaves, with deep cuts and dark green color that can bring a forest-like look to your garden. You can grow them outdoors in mild climates in shady spots. When the climate is suitable you can even grow them water. This plant thrives well at temperatures between 15 and 18 °C. You can easily grow new plants by taking stem cuttings with at least two joints. 


paperwhite - plant grow in water

Paperwhite blooms beautiful white flowers are borne in bundles and are fragrant, making them perfect for growing indoors. It is very common as a house plant and is also related to Christmas. You can grow it easily in water. It thrives well at temperatures between 50–65 °F (10–18 °C) and indirect sunlight.

Chinese Evergreen

Aglaonema is a plant variety largely common in Asia and New Guinea. Aglaonema has been called as lucky plants in Asia for quite a long time. They like to live in low-light conditions. These plants have purple, pink, white or cream-hued stems. If you live in colder regions, you can look for varieties that can endure colder temperature.


Syngonium podophyllum is a creeper houseplant. Its species is local to Latin America, Mexico and Bolivia regions. To grow it, you can simply put cuttings in water, or into preparing manure. As long as the cutting length is of right size – at 10 – 15 cm, you will get a good success rate of propagation. 

The average temperature for Arrowhead to thrive is 18°C. Since it is a creeper, it needs some support. 

African Violet

african violet - grow plant in water

The plants get their normal name “African violet” due to their similarity to violets. African violets can be propagated easily using cuttings and they grow in water easily. These Plants yield blossoms with a five-lobed smooth corolla. It is important that this plant is not subject to artificial rapid temperature changes like air-conditioning or heating.


Lemongrass can grow in water containers. It has many uses like for the making of citronella oil, which is used cleansers, mosquito repellant. Its oil is also used as a fragrant.


Lotus, also known as water lily has its origin in Asian countries of India, China and Vietnam. It has a really long history as a plant of cultural importance. It is also grown for its edible seeds in addition to its ornamental flowers. It can survive for really long under favorable conditions – 10°C to 35°C. You can propagate it via seeds or buds.

Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo is a species of flowering plant native to Central Africa. The plant has become a popular indoor plant in Asia. It doesn’t need much care. It needs a few hours of sunlight and it thrives well in temperatures between 10 – 35°C.

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