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13 Fun Puns Around Environmentalists

Here are some puns to make the green people hate you or love you!

1. Why was the environmentalist always late? So that he could com-post it.

2. What do environmentalists call their diodes? Biodes

3. I think these environmentalists take it too far. One time I drove their car and it burned my foot because their Car burnfoot print.

4. How many environmentalists does it take to change the light bulb? None, they sit in the dark.

5. Why did the environmentalists refuse to date plastic bags? Because they were too clingy!

6. Why did the green person become an environmental activist? Because they wanted to spruce up the planet!

7. There was a green guy named Cli who came from the future. He dated so many girls but never made any his girlfriend. Everyone wondered why until they found out his last name was  mate-change.

8. What do green people say when they become zombies? GREENS!

9. Many people don’t take climate change seriously. It would be cooler if they did!

10. Why did the green person install solar panels on their house? They wanted to watt-er their energy bills!

11. Why did the green person join the army? Because they con-serv-ation.

12. What’s the slogan of a nation full of green people? “The ice is getting warmer, we might as well swim!”

13. Why did the green people’s president named Tricar? Because the people elect-Tricar.

We hope you don’t hate us for making these puns(Okay! I might have stolen 1). We belong to the green people community too and love to make some not so light-hearted jokes about the kind of lives we live!

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