Praire Dogs Have Their Own Language

prairie dog overlooking

Prairie dog language is complex. Their language contains words like “chee chee chee”, but there’s an underlying meaning behind it. Using this language, they can intimate their community of what specific danger is approaching them, for eg, they can make a different sound for an approaching human in a specific colored shirt, the height of … Read more

Spooky Plants to Honor Your Garden With on Halloween

Nigella boll halloween flower

Halloween is close, it is that time when we wait for to wear spooky costumes and pull spooky tricks. But did you know that there are flowers that can make the celebration of Halloween even more spooky and creative? These flowers with their peculiar appearance can scare anyone off even though these are just innocent … Read more

Paper cups can’t be recycled but they’re still better than plastic cups

recycling paper cups

Paper cups can’t be recycled. In fact, 99.7% of them aren’t recycled. Paper cups can’t be recycled because they need special facilities to separate the coating over them (hydrophobic coating). But that doesn’t mean they are completely useless. They are still better than plastic cups. Paper cups need much lesser resources over plastic cups to … Read more