Yoshino Cherry Trees – Guide and How to Care Tips

How to take care of Yoshini cherry

Yoshino Cherry Trees are deciduous trees with white or pink flowers. It is a hybrid between Prunus speciosa (Oshima cherry) and Prunus subhirtella (Rosebud Cherry). This article provides basic information about Yoshino cherry trees and how to grow them. Yoshino Cherry Growing Guide Scientific name Prunus x yedoensis Common name Yoshino Cherry Height 35 – … Read more

Fun Jaguar Facts – The Largest American Cat

Jaguar - Bite, Diet, Habitat in America

Jaguars (Panthera Onca) are the largest feline in North America and the third largest felines in the world. Find more useful facts about Jaguars here. What is the size of a Jaguar? Jaguar average weight is 56–96 kg (123–212 lb). Females jaguars weigh up to 20% less than males. The length of a jaguar from … Read more