Do Honeybees Sleep?

do honeybees sleep

The well-known bee writer/researcher Walter Kaiser watched honeybees in his hive. He took note of movements indicating one factor: sleep. When Henry Kaiser observed groups of bees in their hive, he saw the insects’ legs relax, antennae movement stops, and some bees even fall over sideways, as if they were exhausted. Do honebees sleep? Honeybees … Read more

Praire Dogs Have Their Own Language

prairie dog overlooking

Prairie dog language is complex. Their language contains words like “chee chee chee”, but there’s an underlying meaning behind it. Using this language, they can intimate their community of what specific danger is approaching them, for eg, they can make a different sound for an approaching human in a specific colored shirt, the height of … Read more

5 animals that do not have a heart

The heart’s function is to pump blood carrying nutrients and oxygen. Animals that can function without a heart find other means of getting the nutrients and oxygen. These are the animals that do not have a heart. 1. Jellyfish So how do jellyfish function without a heart? The function of the heart is to pump … Read more