Unusual birds – 10 Strangest Looking Birds on Planet

strangest birds

1. The California Condor The California Condor (Gymnogyps californianus) has long been a part of Native American mythology. Some tribes believed that it was capable of killing human beings and drinking their blood, while others believed that, from time to time, it ate the Moon, which explained the lunar cycles. Some groups ritualistically killed them … Read more

Why Do Starlings Murmurate?

Starling murmuration against blue sky

Throughout the winter, there are thousands and thousands of common starlings that come from north. They can be seen flying in groups, with an enormous synchronisation, from late autumn and throughout the winter Common Starlings (scientific name:Sturnus vulgaris) form showy large flocks mainly as a defence against attacks. For many years experts have wondered how … Read more

Are starlings the only birds that murmurate?

Birds that show murmuration

Starlings are not the only birds that murmurate. Here’s some information I gathered on how starlings murmurate so beautifully and what are the other animals and birds that murmurate. Other animals and birds that murmurate/show swarm behavior Starlings are most commonly known to show this behavior. Other birds that murmurate are raptors, european honey buzzard, … Read more