Spooky Plants to Honor Your Garden With on Halloween

Nigella boll halloween flower

Halloween is close, it is that time when we wait for to wear spooky costumes and pull spooky tricks. But did you know that there are flowers that can make the celebration of Halloween even more spooky and creative? These flowers with their peculiar appearance can scare anyone off even though these are just innocent … Read more

10 House Plants That Grow in Water

10 amazing plants to grow in water

Oregano Oregano is a culinary herb, utilized for the kind of its leaves, which can be more delightful when dried than new. It has a fragrant, warm, and somewhat severe taste, which can differ in power. Great quality oregano might be sufficient nearly to numb the tongue Jade Plant Jade is a succulent plant with … Read more

Grow Bottlebrush from cutting – How to DIY

Growing bottlebrush from cutting

Bottlebrush or Callistemon plant holds its origin in Australia and Tasmania. It grows 3 to 4 meters tall and has gorgeous flowers. You can grow bottlebrush from cuttings – you will need some rooting powder, full sun, and regular hydration. Bottlebrush is a perfect little tree for growing in your home garden due to the … Read more

Yoshino Cherry Trees – Guide and How to Care Tips

How to take care of Yoshini cherry

Yoshino Cherry Trees are deciduous trees with white or pink flowers. It is a hybrid between Prunus speciosa (Oshima cherry) and Prunus subhirtella (Rosebud Cherry). This article provides basic information about Yoshino cherry trees and how to grow them. Yoshino Cherry Growing Guide Scientific name Prunus x yedoensis Common name Yoshino Cherry Height 35 – … Read more

What Is Permaculture – A Layman’s Guide

what is permaculture all about

Permaculture is the new cool in agriculture and gardening. It is a combination of two words – permanent and agriculture. It utilizes the patterns and principles of nature to get the best out of farms for long term. To practice Permaculture, one works with plants after observing and understanding the patterns of nature. It is … Read more