Pestalotiopsis Microspora – Fungus That Eats Bacteria

Mushrooms that eat plastic - illustrative image

We know that there are certain organisms that eat plastic. In 2012, the students of Yale University found a mushroom that can survive by just eating plastic. It can breakdown plastic at a much more faster and efficient rate than previously known fungi and bacteria that eats plastic. This helps convert the toxic polyurethane into … Read more

The Dead Horse Arum mimics the anus of a dead animal


Helicodiceros muscivorus or the dead horse arum lily mimics the anus of a dead animal to attract insects and aid pollination. This plant is native to the Mediterranean and particularly known for its flowers that smell like a rotting corpse. Its flowers give a strong, putrid smell of rotting meat that attracts blow flies. It … Read more

Phytoplankton produce majority of Earth Oxygen

earth's oxygen comes from phytoplankton

Fun Plant Fact Most people believe that the earth’s oxygen comes from rainforests. However, that’s far from truth. Phytoplanktons are responsible for producing the majority of Earth’s oxygen. These tiny ocean plants called phytoplankton contribute 50-80% of the oxygen on earth In fact, the net oxygen produced by the Amazon rainforest is almost zero. Plants … Read more