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Irritating Vertebrate Puns to Annoy Your Friends With

We present you some of the most annoying puns we could think of using our millennial sense of humor!

  1. The chiropractor’s favorite dance move? The lumbar twist!

2. What did one chiropractor say to another? “We’ve got each other’s back!”

3. What did one vertebral column say to another? “We may be stacked up against each other, but together we’re spine-tacular!”

4. Why did the scoliosis patient start a limbo competition? They figured they already had a curve advantage!

5. Why did the scoliosis patient become a football player? Because they knew how to bend it!

6. Why did the herniated disc start a bakery? It already had experience in making things “pop” out of place!

7. Why did the spine postpone her date to the next week? Because she had a weak back.

A conversation between two vertebral columns

Column 1: So did you go to the spine surgeon’s party that happened the weak back?

Column 2: It was a total disc-o!

Column 1: I heard the surgeon re-corded and played the best singers!

Column 2: Haha it was fun until the disc slipped

Column 1: Really? That’s rib-tickling!

Column 2: It was twisted!

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