Paper cups can’t be recycled but they’re still better than plastic cups

recycling paper cups

Paper cups can’t be recycled. In fact, 99.7% of them aren’t recycled. Paper cups can’t be recycled because they need special facilities to separate the coating over them (hydrophobic coating). But that doesn’t mean they are completely useless. They are still better than plastic cups. Paper cups need much lesser resources over plastic cups to … Read more

Phytoplankton produce majority of Earth Oxygen

earth's oxygen comes from phytoplankton

Fun Plant Fact Most people believe that the earth’s oxygen comes from rainforests. However, that’s far from truth. Phytoplanktons are responsible for producing the majority of Earth’s oxygen. These tiny ocean plants called phytoplankton contribute 50-80% of the oxygen on earth In fact, the net oxygen produced by the Amazon rainforest is almost zero. Plants … Read more

10 House Plants That Grow in Water

10 amazing plants to grow in water

Oregano Oregano is a culinary herb, utilized for the kind of its leaves, which can be more delightful when dried than new. It has a fragrant, warm, and somewhat severe taste, which can differ in power. Great quality oregano might be sufficient nearly to numb the tongue Jade Plant Jade is a succulent plant with … Read more

Grow Bottlebrush from cutting – How to DIY

Growing bottlebrush from cutting

Bottlebrush or Callistemon plant holds its origin in Australia and Tasmania. It grows 3 to 4 meters tall and has gorgeous flowers. You can grow bottlebrush from cuttings – you will need some rooting powder, full sun, and regular hydration. Bottlebrush is a perfect little tree for growing in your home garden due to the … Read more

Do viruses play a role in the ecosystem?

do viruses play a role in the ecosystem

Viruses can interfere in the survival of many living beings, so they definitely do play a role in the ecosystem. It took us rather long to identify that viruses are more than just agents that cause diseases in humans. Viruses are tiny packages containing genetic information. Whether to call them living beings or not is … Read more