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Spooky Plants to Honor Your Garden With on Halloween

Halloween is close, it is that time when we wait for to wear spooky costumes and pull spooky tricks. But did you know that there are flowers that can make the celebration of Halloween even more spooky and creative? These flowers with their peculiar appearance can scare anyone off even though these are just innocent plants. Here’s a list of some of the spookiest plants we have ever seen. If you can, try to grow them in your garden before Halloween!

1. Doll’s eye

dolls sye spooky plant halloween

One of the freakiest flowers that can be on Halloween is the Doll’s eye. Does the name scary you already? I’ve always been scared of my doll’s eyes. The plant’s flowers look like eyeballs staring at you. They are white with a black point at the tip. That’s how this freakish plants gets its name.

If you can, you can eat this plant too. It’s not toxic. You’ll look like you are eating eyeballs. Spooky enough?

2. Hydnora Africana

This is a plant with blood-red flowers native to South Africa. Its most stand out feature is the horrible stench its flowers have.

As far as looks are concerned, it looks like a snake from a distance. From close, it has a triple mouth with teeth. Although it looks like this is a carnivorous plant because of the teeth, it doesn’t feed on any insects.

3. Black bat

bat flower spooky plant halloween

Thanks to its bat shape and its black and purple colors, this flower would be the perfect decoration for your garden on Halloween night. Its fruits look like bats hanging upside down with long whiskers hanging down. These plants can be tricky to grow though because they require high humidity to bloom and be healthy,

4. Corpse flower

corpse flower - spooky plant halloween

You probably have already heard of this plant. This flower owes its name to the fetid smell that it gives off to attract flies, its main pollinators. It only blooms for 4 times during its entire 40 years of lifetime.

Even though you can’t possible grow and make this plant bloom easily in your garden, we couldn’t miss to mention this plant here. It grows the largest flower in the world which can measure upto 3 meters in height.

5. Ghost plant

The ghost plant looks translucent white. It’s so due to the fact that it has no chlorophyll. Chlorophyll helps provide the color to plants. Ghost plants doesn’t just look spooky, it does something spooky too. Since it cannot make its own food using chlorophyll, it feeds off its nearby trees and plants.

If this list is not enough, here are some more plants that give a nice spook effect:

Virgin in the green

virgin in the green - spooky halloween flowers

Bleeding heart

bleeding heart plant halloween


Nigella boll halloween flower

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