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Why do jaguars have padded paws?

Jaguars have muscular limbs and large paws that allow them to climb trees, pad along the forest floor, and even swim in rivers and streams. Jaguars move silently through the forest floor on their padded paws. Although not as agile as a leopard, jaguars can climb trees to hunt or rest.

Compared to other cats, jaguars also spend a lot of their time on the ground stalking prey that dwells on the ground at night. Due to these adaptations jaguars can survive and live well in the tropical rainforests.

Jaguars kill their prey with a powerful bite through the skull, unlike other big cats that aim for the throat. The jaguar is an exceptional climber and swimmer. Jaguar claws are sharp and retractable, and they are used for traction, prey gripping, climbing, and scent marking. Learn more Jaguar facts or keep scrolling!

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